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February 19, 2020

Welcome to I Have A Podcast! I’m Vinnie Potestivo, and my purpose is to inspire and innovate... So I created this podcast as a way to uncover and share the creative decisions, mistakes, and stumbles that continue to impact today‘s pop culture, with some of the most notable and influential creatives I know. 

I Have A Podcast (IHAP) is a collection of conversations with some of the most successful and mindful voices impacting today‘s media, culture, and technology.

Listen in, every week, as we share insights and experiences that aim to inspire a happier, healthier, and more prosperous life. 

As a television executive with over two decades of talent development experience, my job has been to develop talent while creating unique content opportunities for them to succeed. As a media advisor and content coach, I continue to help my clients better create, understand, and retain their audience.

Whether you’re a brand, business owner, marketing executive, on-air talent, journalist, public figure or just looking to make an impact from the media you create, this is the place for you!



LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/vinniepotestivo
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vinniepotestivo
Clubhouse: www.joinclubhouse.com/@vinniepotestivo

Instagram: www.instagram.com/ihaveapodcast
YouTube: www.youtube.com/vpetv
Episodes, show notes & transcripts: www.ihaveapodcast.com  

Connect with IHAP: ihap@vpetalent.com
Vinnie's Services: www.vpetalent.com

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